Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Next Big Thing -- Chocolates & Zombie Soap Giveaway

There I was, typing away on my current work in progress, when a message popped up on my computer screen from the ever-lovely, M.S. Spencer. She asked a few questions, then invited me to see her responses, which can be found: Link Here
Be sure to leave a comment below(with your email addy) for 5 chances to win Lula's Peppermint Bark and Ana Banana Bath Treat's -- Zombie Soap! Seriously, the stuff is 'to die for!'
1) What is the working title of your current book? Moon Marked. Yes, the lead characters are werewolves.
2) Where did you get the idea for that book? Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I always felt surrounded by magic--old world, time-less magic. I've wanted to write a book about fantasy creatures who were based in that area, for a long time.
3) What's the genre of the book? Urban fantasy.4) If you could pick actors to play the lead characters in your story, who would you pick? I would pick an unknown actor. When I see certain actors/actresses, I think about all the other roles they've held. I want people to look at Moon Marked, and see someone brand new, unique.  
5) How would you describe your book in one sentence (10 words or less)? Moon Marked is about magic. The soulful magic swirling in your bones, and the magic of pure evil.

6) How will your book be published, submitted through the traditional route to a traditional publisher or will you be handling it yourself through Indie Publishing methods?
Since I am only 26K in, I haven't given it too much thought. But it definitely won't be Indie. The control would be great, but working another job full-time, I just can't handle the additional workload. Well, and stay sane, lol.
7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of this book? Still working on it!
8) What other books within your genre are similar to yours? I believe my writing style is a cross between Patricia Briggs and Tom Clancy. I love action with fantasy.
9) Who or what inspired you to write this book? The good old Pacific Northwest, and the mythical creatures there who dance under the moon and stars.
10) What about your book will pique the reader's interest? I think the deep, multi-faceted characters, plus fast paced, action-orientated style hooks readers. But I hope it's the plot twists that keep readers joyfully entertained while twisting on the hook.
Keep the fun going and visit one of my fellow author's at BURST Books, the talented Audra Middleton!
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